Discover Casablanca, The Land Of Paradise

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Discover Casablanca, The Land Of Paradise

Casablanca happens to be one of the top choices for the travelers to visit in Morocco. Why Not? It has all potential elements of being one of the most picked destinations by the adventure lovers. It is also considered as the center of business being a commercial hub in Morocco. From exploring some of the beautiful mosques in the world to having fun at nighttime in bars and clubs, Casablanca has a lot more to offer. Not to forget the cuisine. Plenty of options starting from the traditional Moroccan meals to the meals that reflect French and Spanish legacies can be found here. Aisha Morocco Tours offers you some of the exciting tours and packages from Casablanca to beautiful cities like Fes, Marrakech and not to forget the desert tours from Casablanca which will run you through the famous Sahara Desert of Morocco.

Whether it’s a 5 Day Desert Tour, 7 Days Private Tour or 6 Days Morocco Tours from Casablanca, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether it’s spending a night in the camp in the hot sand dunes of African Desert under the sparkling constellation of stars or be it walking down the old imperial cities of Morocco, there are some superb places in Casablanca and some really exciting stuff to do that will simply blow away your mind. Mosques like Hassan II is a well-known and one of the largest mosques of the world one shouldn’t miss out simply because of its extravagant interior and design. It is the perhaps the only mosque in the city that non-Muslims can visit. It defines the rich exclusive culture of Moroccans which have been left by the legacies of some Arab leaders. Our expert guides are knowledgeable who will always help you to know a bit more about the mosque. This city is very compact so visitors can easily explore on foot. Casablanca is filled with low end shops to high end shops, thanks to the City Center and other local markets where you can get beautiful handicrafts and artisanship to get your hands on. Riads and Hotels are affordable apart from some of the Luxury international chain brands which carry hefty price tags. Transportation to almost all the parts of the city is easy and cheap if you have the skill of bargaining to get a good deal. Other Casablanca attractions are Streets of Old Medina, the Corniche, Ain Diab Beach, Morocco Mall, the Ancient Roman Ruins of Volubilis, Mohammed V which are worth a visit. We will also make you walk around the Casablanca Cathedral which happens to be one of the highlights of this city. Alongside the tombs and architectural figures there are some magnificent museums like Villa Des Arts and Museum of Moroccan Judaism you will come across former known for hosting many cultural events. Explore our packages which include 5 Day Desert Tour from Casablanca, 7 Days Private Tour from Casablanca, or 14 Days Morocco Tour from Casablanca. Casablanca has so much to offer. So, when are you planning to visit?

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