Fes, Reasons Why Fes Should Be On Your Moroccan Bucket List

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Fes, Reasons Why Fes Should Be On Your Moroccan Bucket List

Fes, One of the Iconic Place is Morocco would still be a great option for all the holiday goers. Founded in 789 AD, Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities. The History of Fes is enthralling. With being one of the world’s best medieval cities, Fes also boasts of some bustling medinas with twisted narrow streets where getting lost will not be difficult. Known for its traditional blue and white painted pieces, one can also find markets full of leather goods, carpets, textiles and ceramics. Moroccans artists need no introduction. Known for its stunning architecture and designs, this city too has every element to surprise you with its magnificent townships and creative works.
Gorgeous Riads and dars fulfil all the requirement of the traveler’s accommodation. Finding a perfect stay will never be a daunting task as riads can be found in every corner of the city. From mid range to highly expensive stay these riads offer luxury and charm at a fair price making sure the visitors get a comfortable stay. From gorgeous tile floors to the light filled rooms and to the internal garden, these riads never miss a chance to amaze you with its beauty.
Try the roof tops, you will find some of the elegant and extraordinary landscapes what Fes has to offer. Truly we can’t ignore the unconventional styling and excellent craftsmanship that this city has to offer. With the hospitality of the people here in Fes, it will make you feel like you are never away from home. You will receive a wonderful reception wherever you go. There’s no place which can replace the beauty of this culture because you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Morocco is known for its delicious cuisine, and Fes is no exception. If you are a foodie, then we will make you come across some of the best eateries in Fes. It has a a wide number of restaurants for every budget and taste. Fes still is considered as the Moroccan Capital of food. No wonder why. You can find the same dishes in every part of Morocco but they don’t taste the same as they do is Fes. There’s a reason why Fes is called as the culinary capital of Morocco.
In the Heart of Fes, there is Medina where visitors can contemplate real jewels of buildings like the madrasa of Bou Inania, the mosque To the Karaouine or the mausoleum of Mulay Idrís. Enjoy the enigmatic Kasbahs and many other Berber villages on the way to Merzouga Desert moving from the Atlas Mountains. Visit the so called Blue City, Chefchaouen, the 6th best world destination through our expert guides who will never miss a chance share the history of these beautiful cities. From strolling the sand dunes of Erg chebbi by a terrific camel ride to spending a romantic night in desert camp under nomadic tents, Aisha Morocco Tours will make sure you capture all the memories of having a very good time in Fes.
We bring you some of the best packages from Fes to every part of the city. May it be a 2 Days Desert Tour to Merzouga, or 8 Day Fes Tour to the Imperial Cities of Morocco, you will never regret to having missed out on any. Make your trip to Fes a memorable one.

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